Converts and Reasons of Conversion
  • This website will clearly show the underlying reasons that motivated Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Hindu, Buddhist to convert to the Iglesia ni Cristo.
  • This is to convince people to re-examine their present religious beliefs
    if it is really in accordance with the words of God written in the Bible.
  • This is also to persuade people to compare their present religious belief to that of the Iglesia ni Cristo, so they too, will ultimately discover which church is teaching the truth written in the Bible.
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Reasons of Conversion to the Iglesia ni Cristo
Reasons why he left the Anglican church Convert 101 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • So why did I leave my former church and join Iglesia ni Cristo?
    • hide the truth*
    • add to or subtract teachings from the Bible*
    • a church wherein doctrines and practices are a mixture of beliefs where anything can go in*
  •  Another reason why I left the Anglican Church is because of its tolerance to unbiblical practices like divorce, consecration of women as priest, and same sex marriage.
  • Moreover, the political problems and dis-unity I observe in my former  church is very discouraging.
  • have confusing doctrines such as the Trinity

* implied in blue text

"Why I joined Iglesia Ni Cristo"

Innocent  Okekeh,
(Former Anglican Priest) Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria
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Convert Story-101

  • So why did I leave my former church and join Iglesia ni Cristo? First, I was spiritually convinced that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the only true Church.
    • It does not hide the truth*.
    • It does not add to or subtract teachings from the Bible*. .
    • It is not a church wherein doctrines and practices are a mixture of beliefs where anything can go in*.
  • The Iglesia ni Cristo is unique, the only Church I have seen in my life that is biblical.. . . . .
  • The Iglesia no Cristo does not worship idols or graven images. There is nothing like human tradition imposed in worship. . . .
  • One major component of my conversion to the Iglesia ni Cristo is its clear and precise doctrines regarding the true nature of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Reasons why he left the Catholic church Convert 102 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo

B.   I could not—summoning all arguments with which I was trained—dislodge the biblical passages read before me which punctured and pointed to me the falsehood of Roman Catholicism. Inwardly I could not beat peace. My conscience was incessantly disturbed.  I decided to quit the Priesthood for the sake of the salvation of my soul. To go on living the life of a priest would only lead me to eternal damnation.

D.   I found the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to be wrong especially the prohibition imposed on priest to marry and prohibition to eat meat, which are doctrines of the devil, according to the Bible.

Note: Mark B and D are also in the Convert Story text with Red Outline.

"My quest for the truth, the way, and the life"

Beda Aboloc
(Former Catholic Priest)
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Convert Story-102


A.   I asked and argued. But, one thing that struck me was this:  whenever I ask questions or whenever I argued, Brother Sandoval would take the authority of his answers not from his own lips but from the words of the Holy Bible. And it was amazing, how he could find the answers so easily and quickly in the Bible.

C.   I discovered a world of difference between the doctrine of the Catholic Church and the doctrine of the Church of Christ. After serious thought and consideration, I was convinced of the truth, the way and the life in the Church of Christ. .

Note: Mark A and C are also in the Convert Story text with Blue Outline.

Reasons why he left the Catholic church Convert 103 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  •  The hypocrisy and false teachings of the Catholic Church which are contrary to the words of God written in the Holy Bible.

"Story of a former Catholic Priest"

Teodoro G. Dizon
(Former Catholic Priest)
Florida, U.S.A.
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Convert Story-103

  • I had a second encounter with the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1978 when I was assigned to the naval training center in Orlando, Florida as a chaplain in the navy housing compound. . . . Since I was responsible for opening and closing the chapel, I attended the worship services. During those times, I felt the call of God working in me and my belief in Christ as God was changing. . . . As my knowledge of the true teachings of God increased, I continued attending the worship services faithfully.
  • All the doubts in my mind, especially about Jesus Christ as a man, were cleared.
  • I was also impressed by the unity and brotherhood among the members of the Church and the orderliness that is being observed during the worship services.
Reasons why he left the Catholic church Convert 104 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  •  My hopes were shattered when I found out that my bishop had written the Dominicans not to accept me. I used to spend my summers preaching in the northeastern states of the U.S to raise funds for the churches in my country. It was during one of these summers in 1971 that I questioned my bishop, when he visited the church I was working about his letter to the Dominicans. He spoke many lies to me, and finally I told him that if I couldn’t go to the Dominicans I would never work for him, and I would leave the priesthood.
  • For a time I felt disillusioned. Human elements have crept into this work. I became aware that the churches are no longer for our good but for our goods. This bothered me very much. I decided to serve my God not according to the scheming and money-making devices which are a departure from the so called truth. Commercialism in the church, and the special attention its affluent members received, became apparent to me.

"The end of of my search for the real and true light"

Theophilus Darku
(Former Catholic Priest)
Cape Coast, Ghana,
West Africa

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Convert Story-104

  •  I went to see Brother Raul Nepumoceno, the person who was leaving the job I was supposed to take. After describing everything he asked If I would take it. I told him I would. Then came the switch. I told him I used to be a Catholic priest. I told him I just clung to my Jesus—my God and all. Then came the retort: Jesus is not God. I said, "Look here, this is what I have been taught in the Catholic Church and this is what everybody believes in the Catholic Church.” Then he said, "The minister of my church can prove to you from the Bible that Jesus is not God but a mediator.”
  • At first I thought I could easily refute his arguments with two verses from the Bible to show that Jesus is God—Isaiah 9:6 and John 1:14. However, he took the wind out of my sails when right at the start he quoted I Cor. 4:6, which admonishes not to go beyond what is written. How I admire the calmness and dedication of Bro. Santos that day. I was convinced that Jesus Christ is not God . He proved it beyond doubt and I was ready to get up and leave, when he said, "Now let me show you who Jesus Christ really is, from the Bible.”  I was really amazed. My treasured verse, Isaiah 9:6, couldn’t prove the divinity of Christ.
Reasons why she left the Catholic church Convert 105 Reasons why she joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • I sought God’s kingdom for 14 years as a nun but I felt there was a vacuum deep in my soul. I started to doubt my religious vocation as a nun. I got tired of reciting and chanting long prayers. I felt a complete dryness in all spiritual exercises.
  • The solemnity and orderliness of the (Iglesia ni Cristo) worship services, and the teaching that is purely taken from the verses of the Bible, were totally absent from the Masses I heard in the convent.
  • I would experience the power of God and His mighty blessings whenever the (Iglesia ni Cristo)ministers and deacons lead the prayer. I had never felt these extraordinary graces when I attended Masses or any liturgical services when I was a nun.
"A farewell to the nunnery"

Erlinda Mirafuentes
-Dela Cruz

(Former Catholic Nun)
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Convert Story-105

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  •  I curiously observed the Iglesia Ni Cristo worship service at Putatan Chapel, Muntinlupa City. To my great surprise, I was deeply touched by the hymn sung by the choir. I couldn’t help but join the brethren in crying throughout the hymn-singing. More so, I was overwhelmed by the impact of the preaching of the minister about the relationship of parents and children.
  • After few weeks I felt a craving, hungering and thirsting for another worship service. I attended the worship services several times, and then I realized that the true light was gradually shining in me. I finally decided to listen to the doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The lesson that dealt with the sign of the cross were the focal points of my conversion. I was so terrified when I learned the true meaning of the sign of the cross on the forehead. . . .  I felt extraordinary gifts from God right after studying the first ten doctrinal lesson. . At last, I felt deep within my heart that I found His kingdom in the Iglesia Ni Cristo.
  • I observed that the more I attended the worship services, the clearer my faith and conviction became that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the answer to my spiritual dryness when I was inside the convent.
Reasons why he left the Catholic church Convert 106 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • In the light of this truth, I asked where the Catholic Church draws the origin of the teaching regarding the so-called Trinity. He read two passages from the book "Discourses on the Apostles Creed" written by a Catholic priest in which it says that in the Council of Nicaea, in 325 A.D., the Catholic Church defined that it was an article of faith that Jesus Christ is God; and in the Council of Constantinople, in 381 A.D., that the Holy Spirit is God. There are no biblical bases of the teaching of the so-called Trinity. This fact made me deeply upset, so much that I asked a priest whom I recognized then for an explanation. But rather than answering me in a calm manner, he was outraged and sent me away.
"I received a great grace from God"

Marco Boni
(Former Catholic) Rome, Italy
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Convert Story 106

  • In my curiosity, I attended their worship services. I felt their warm hospitality and I felt that there was something inside of me that longed for an explanation. To this day I am touched with the solemnity; and spirituality of the worship services.
  • For exactly 20 years, I listened to the words of God under different ministers who were always ready to answer my questions about the tiresome praises of priests on the mysteries of the Catholic faith. In 1990 Brother Rizalino Santos, the resident minister at that time, started to teach me the fundamental biblical doctrines of the Church of Christ. Any question I asked him he answered by reading verses in the Bible, never in his own words and neither did he pronounce the prophetic sentence of the Catholic priests that it is a "mystery of the faith"!
  • What determined my choice to become a member of the Church of Christ was when I asked Brother Santos to show me where in the Bible we can read that Jesus Christ is not God. He took by hand the Bible and read to me different verses, among which are: John 17:3, John 20:17, and I Timothy 2:5. These verses left me surprised, especially John 20:17 wherein Jesus Christ makes clear that He is not God.
Reasons why he left his Hindu faith Convert 107 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  •  I am an Indian national. I was raised in India, the country known as the cradle of Hinduism, and never did it occur to me that one day I'll change my religion.
  • The religion I grew up to was completely different. . .  I grew up celebrating grand Hindu festivals, prayed to all Hindu gods (feeling then that my prayers were also heard and answered), followed Hindu traditions, and so on.
  • . . . she kept on asking me questions about my Hindu faith. In the process, she managed to make me think things over and it resulted in more unanswered questions regarding the religion and tradition in which I was raised to uphold with no queries.
"I was called and chosen"

Amit Ranjan
(Former Hindu)
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Convert Story-107
  • I was invited to attend a worship service . . .   The lesson was preached in the local dialect, while the hymns were sung and the prayers were rendered in Tagalog. This sounded strange to me, But it was an exhilarating experience. . . . 
  • I attended the worship services on my own but in all those times, I still kept asking myself what I was doing there. I was far from being comfortable. I didn't know anybody. I felt that I was like a stranger surrounded by strangers with a strange faith being preached to me.
    • What I didn't perceive at that time was that God was calling me and He guided my steps to the place of worship on the scheduled time to keep attending the worship services.
  • After several months of continuous attendance in the worship services, I felt there must be something I needed to discover and so, I prayed to God to show me the reason why I should believe in this Church, when all other religions around the globe also claim that they are of God.
    •  I communed with God in prayers, asking Him that if He is true and this faith is true, that He make me feel His presence. By then, I had already learned to say a heartfelt prayer and sing the hymns during the worship services as well.
  •  I began my Bible studies. I felt I was ready to embark on this endeavor of understanding the commandments of God. While undergoing instruction in biblical doctrines,
    •  I learned how to pray like a true member of the Church of Christ.
    • I studied the commandments of God, I learned about the true nature of Christ, the reemergence of the Iglesia ni Cristo in these last days in the Philippines on July 27, 1914, the real essence of baptism, and a lot more.
    •  It changed my life completely.
Reasons why he left the Catholic church Convert 108 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • During my early years of schooling, I attended religious services of the local Protestant Church. I was the only member of the family who attended church services on a regular basis because, in our family, we were never forced to attend church services.
    • But for me, there had been something missing.
  • In 1974, I joined the United States Army and I continued to be active in attending worship services.
    • But still, I felt there had been something missing as far as my spiritual growth was concerned.
  • In 1982, I became a Catholic but this did not fill the void like I hoped it would. Although I studied hard and even became a lay minister,
    • I still had many questions that were unanswered. Each time I asked, I was told that I must have faith and just believe that it was that way.

"I had been reborn"

Kipp Keller
(Former Pentecostal and Catholic)
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

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Convert Story-108

  • While I was stationed at Fort Ricardson, Alaska in 1988, a member of the Church of Christ named Sister Ludy invited me to a Bible study.
    • I listened and I started to see things significantly different. I felt very moved by the way each question was answered through the Bible, the answer as supported by the Bible.
    • I was not asked to just accept what was said. I was encouraged to ask questions. I was told to feel free to bring up anything that I had doubts about. This was something that was so new to me—to be allowed to ask anything that I was unsure of.
  • The teaching that had the biggest impact on me was on the true nature of our Lord Jesus, being a man, and on the falsity of the Trinity doctrine.
    • I asked questions and I listened to the answers. I was getting answers that I had never gotten before.
    • The more I listened, the more I saw that the Church of Christ was telling me the truth that I never heard before. I found out that this is the true Church.
  • As I questioned the doctrines of the Church, Brother Mar showed me through the Bible that all that the Church did was in accordance with God's law.
    • I found out that indeed that the Church did not do anything that was against the will of God. The Church is here to show everyone the way to attain salvation and to have peace with with our Lord Jesus Christ and His Father.
    • It was then that I realized that this was the Church that I had been looking for.
His belief and practices in Budhism Convert 109 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • THE ONLY RELIGION I had previously known was Buddhism.  I was raised by my parents believing that freeing oneself from material desires, a practicing Buddhist can attain nirvana or spiritual peace. Once a Buddhist has attained nirvana, he will then be able to use his time to improve the world.
    • I had no idea about God then. My idea of divinity was the statue of Buddha with his arms folded on his lap and a beatific smile on his face.
  • During summertime, I would typically attend some religious rituals and ceremonies held in Buddhist shrines or temples and participate in local festivals.
  •  I came from a place where most people do not believe in God,

"God has definitely touched my life"

Tomio Horie
(Former Budhist)
Kawasaki, Japan

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Convert Story-109

  • In 2001, I went to the Philippines where I was introduced to the Church of Christ. I flew back to Japan to find the Church there and I went straight to the Iglesia ni Cristo house of worship. in Yokohama, with ardent interest in joining the Church.
    • I continued listening to the fundamental doctrines and regularly attended the worship services, and slowly I was able to understand the teaching of the Church and the truth about the words of God.
    • I realized that material possessions are not the most important things man should have in order to have a happy and peaceful life.
    • The teaching that had the biggest impact on me was the existence of the one true God, the Father.
    • I also appreciated and wholeheartedly accepted the teachings of the Bible on loving and caring for one's family, spending valuable time with your family while at the same time working hard to provide for all their needs. This was in sharp contrast with my past experience wherein my family was relegated to second place because I worked so hard for the money.

These are just some of the reasons that convinced  me about the truthfulness of the teachings in the Church of Christ.

Reasons why he left the Baptist church Convert 110 Reasons why he joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • I was a former Baptist and have always believed that the Bible is the word of God. As a Baptist,
    • I was made to believe that salvation came by faith alone and not by works; that all one needs to do to be saved is to accept Jesus as his personal savior.
  •  I remained strong in this belief until my father-in-law told me that one cannot be saved without works. According to the Bible, he said, faith without works is dead.
    •  Nevertheless, doubt started to creep into my mind and I began to question how one can be saved by a dead faith.
  • I talked to a lot of Protestants from different sects about their opinion on this matter, but I quickly realized that they were in the same boat as I was.
    • They all believed that faith alone can save man.
    • Having the approval of my peers, I remained in my belief that I have been saved because I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior. I believed that no matter what I did, good or bad, I was entitled to eternal life.
  • I attended various Protestant Bible study groups and asked them what they thought about the doctrines I have just heard from the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I talked to pastors to find out how they would handle the issues.
    • I got a variety of reactions, most of them irrational. Some even tried to prove Jesus wrong when He said that the Father, and not Him, is the only true God. I wondered how one could profess belief and faith in Jesus yet tries very hard to prove Him wrong.
    • To my simple mind, if the Father alone is the true God, as Jesus Himself said, then common sense dictates that Jesus cannot be God.
  • I spent the following week talking with my Protestant friends. They gave me a heavy dose of Greek and Hebrew Biblical translations to prove that the Church is irrelevant to salvation. I found this extremely hard to digest.

Why I became an Iglesia Ni Cristo member"

Edwin Pobre
(Former Baptist)
Long Island City, New York, USA

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Convert Story-110

  •  I expected the Bible Exposition to be just like all the others I have gone to. The exposition turned out to be very different from what I had expected.
    • The format was unlike anything I’ve seen before. The minister simply asked questions that I’m sure everyone was dying to ask, then he simply answered the questions by reading the Bible He did not tell stories or jokes nor used flattering speech as evangelists and pastors do.
    • What amazed me was how the minister connected seemingly unrelated verses like a jigsaw puzzle to present the whole picture of salvation. He was using several versions of the Bible, none of which was their own.
  • Quoting directly from the Bible, the minister read the invitation of Jesus to enter the door of the sheep and related it to what the Apostle James said about faith and works.
    • It made sense to me that if one has true faith in Jesus, entering the flock must be the first act or work to prove that faith.
    • He went on to explain the relevance of the Church and the righteousness of God regarding sin. He pointed out that Jesus is the Savior of the Church and that it was for the Church of Christ that Jesus died.
  • Then I met the real Jesus in the next Bible exposition.
    • I heard Jesus praying to His Father, and referring to His Father as the only true God. I also heard Jesus talk about Himself as a man with flesh and bones and not the one true God. I was certain that this is the same Jesus who is called God by Catholics and Protestants, . . .
    • His delivery and explanation of the various verses quoted by those who teach that Jesus is God made sense to me.
    • For the first time, I learned that the doctrine of the Trinity which Protestant pastors explain as a mystery is actually a doctrine made up by the Council of Nicaea in 385 AD by the Roman Catholic Church, which Protestants themselves believe is the apostate Church.
  • I attended another Bible exposition, but this time, I had already come to the conclusion that the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s doctrines were more scriptural and rational than my former belief.
Reasons why he left the Jehovah's Witnesses Converts 111 Reasons why they joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • In  1973,  I immigrated to Canada after which  I decided  to look into other religions such as the Pentecostal Church,  Jehovah's Witnesses,  Catholic   Church,    and  Anglican Church.  My goal  was  to find a religious group that teaches biblical truth.
  • In 1992, I was introduced to the Jehovah's Witnesses and soon after, I started studying with them.
    •  About five years into being a member. I became very disturbed with regard to some of their teachings. I began to   ask questions. Sometimes,   the answers I received from the elders were contrary to what was written in the Holy Scriptures. 
      • An example of such teaching is their claim that they are the true religion, yet they teach  that Jesus is God, a Mighty God, and that the Father is the Almighty God.  However, in the Bible, it is written that God said that He is God and there is no one else like Him.  Another verse states that life eternal may be attained. if one comes to know the true God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent.  
    • I asked the elders many questions but they told me that the Bible was not meant for me to understand.   They  told  that God has  blessed them with  the ability  to understand  the  biblical mysteries and that I need to wait for their interpretations.

"The words of God enlightened me"

Edwin Chase
(Former Jehovah's Witness)

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Convert Story-111
  • One day after many months of rejecting my co-worker's invitation to their worship service,  I finally decided to attend her Church, the Church of Christ.
    • I was expecting to hear the same teachings as what other churches propagate but to my surprise, it was totally different from what I have heard and seen before. 
    •  I wanted to hear more and I asked about many unanswered  questions to the Church's resident worker. He was able to give very   convincing answers to my questions by quoting from the Bible.
    • I was amazed how he read the words of God to answer all my questions.   At the same time,  I was enlightened about the Church.
  • Soon after I started attending Bible studies,
    • again putting forward my questions to the minister. Without hesitation, all my questions were answered.
  • I then found out that the Church of Christ is the true Church, and it was God calling me.  
Their first impression about the Iglesia ni Cristo Converts 112 Reasons why they joined the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Mr. Ku attended his first worship service in South Korea which was officiated   by   Brother   Jun.    With the aid of a translator, he was able to understand  the  lesson. In fact,
    • despite  the language barrier,   he was visibly moved by the singing. of hymns, the fervent prayers, and the    orderliness    and   spirituality of the entire worship service.
    • He recounted, "I was observing Brother Jun and the brethren during their stay here [in South Korea]. I admire their helpfulness, trust, and instant camaraderie even though they were just introduced to each other.
    • For Mr. Ku, the conduct of the worship  service  in the Iglesia  ni Cristo  stood   in  sharp  contrast    to the   congregational    gatherings    of his religion, the Korean Christian Church. He said, "I admired the focus of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in their worship services. Afterwards, the members go back to their work or school.
    •  In the back of his mind right that instant was a burning resolve to know more about the Church when he returned to the Philippines.
  • Mr. Cheong, an active Protestant for 30 years, was already familiar with some of the doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo through friends who are members of the Church and by watching its religious programs  aired on Net25 and GEM TV.
    • He had observed the solemnity of the worship services and had learned that the Lord Jesus Christ is Man, not God, and that He is God's greatest messenger.
  • Mr. Son, for his part, really did not have any idea about the doctrines of the Church. As he recalled, "I did not have any interest in the Church or its doctrines. My interaction with the ministers assigned to coordinate properties was purely on a professional basis. But when I accompanied Brother: Ku to assist the ministers in registering the Church in Korea, my mindset was changed. The focus of the ministers in overcoming all obstacles, be it the freezing   weather  or bureaucratic difficulties to register the Church caught my   attention. There must be something to this Church, I thought."  Born and raised a Catholic,
    • his first impression of the Iglesia Ni   Cristo  worship service was that "it is very orderly". The teaching about the one true God called his attention as well as the use of the Bible as the sole basis of faith.
    • His exposure to the brotherhood in the Church tells him that "there are no walls between brethren, they listen [to] and help each other."

"God accepts men from South Korea who heed His call"

Ja-Hoon Ku
(Former Korean Christian Church)

Hae-Eun Cheong
(Former Protestant)

Vincent Boram Son
(Former Catholic)

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Converts Story-112

  • The language barrier  did not hinder Brothers Ku and Cheong from joining the Church. With Brother Son acting as the group's official translator, and Brothers Ku and Cheong bringing their own Bibles written in the Korean language,   the biblical   instructions  went underway. 
    • A typical lesson took almost two hours to complete, primarily because of the translation needed for Brothers Ku and Cheong to fully   grasp   the lessons taught. Still, they managed to go through all the lessons.
    • The three of them were eager to ask their questions which Brother Roldan A. Gavino, a minister of the gospel, answered by reading  verses written in the Bible.
    • Brother Son said that their discussion prior to entering the Church centered on the relationship of Brother Felix Y. Manalo to the Iglesia Ni Cristo." At first when we heard that the Church believed that Brother Felix Manalo is the messenger of God in these last days, we initially met it with a lot of skepticism. But when we studied the prophecies written in the Bible pertaining   to   his   commissioning, we said to each other that he really is the Last Messenger.'
Thank you!
We hope you have clearly seen the underlying reasons why the above people left their former religions.

Thank you!
 We hope you have clearly seen
the reasons why the above people converted to the Iglesia ni Cristo.
  • Generally, people left their former church or religions simply because
    • they did not come to fully understand the teachings of their church.
    • They have many questions left unanswered . . .
      • as they often get "mystery or mystery of the faith" as an answer;
      • or told "to have faith and just believe that it was that way"
      • or simply given personal opinions or suppositions as explanation to biblical questions.
    • They come to discover the falsity of their beliefs which they unwittingly were led to believe as biblical when in fact said doctrines and beliefs are not explicitly taught in the Bible.
  • Thus,  they weaken in their faith; they lost interest in attending their worship services;  and they feel something missing in their lives and strive look for the real biblical answers to their unanswered questions somewhere else.
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  • Generally, people converted to the Iglesia ni Cristo because . . .
    • they come to clearly understand the teachings of the Church, patiently taught by the ministers and workers.
    • All their questions were clearly answered by the verses of the Holy Bible - no personal opinions given.
    • They observed the solemnity of the worship services and come to feel the power of the Holy Spirit of God.
    • They come to know the biblical truth that Father is the only true God, and that Jesus Christ is a very special Man sent by God to effect the salvation of God's chosen people.
    • They come to the conclusion that the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s doctrines and beliefs are more scriptural and rational than their former beliefs.
  • Thus, they acquired a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ; they ardently attend the worship services regularly; and come to believe that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true Church of Christ taught in the Bible.
Keep an open mind. 
Don't just have faith and believe.
Search for the knowledge of the truth written
in the Bible.
  Iglesia ni Cristo does not hide the truth.
You are welcome to Study, Examine and Compare the Doctrines and Beliefs of the
Iglesia ni Cristo.
  Everyone is welcome to study the Iglesia ni Cristo!
 Compare your present belief to that of the Iglesia ni Cristo so you may come to know
which church is teaching the truth written in the Bible.

Click link to begin your study- StudyIglesiaNiCristo.com

Searching for the knowledge of the truth?
  THE QUESTION OF WHO will be saved on Judgment Day has occupied the thoughts of many and had been the subject of multifarious discussions throughout the ages. Some people tend to believe that a multitude of the earth's inhabitants will be
saved so much so that complacency and false assurance of salvation sets in.

Others tend to rationalize their so-called universal salvation belief by white-washing the reality of sin and explaining away their pragmatism by saying, ”How can an all-loving, all-compassionate God condemn people, though no fault of their own, for not knowing how to be saved?” Some try to offer their perspective on afterlife issues by delving on the philosophical meaning of being saved and being not.

As one can easily glean, dealing on the polemics of salvation by using human reasons and emotions is a no-brainer—it simply ends in chaos and misunderstandings. The best way is to search for the Creator's plan, emphatically written in the Bible and taught by His messengers, which reveals, thus: "God did what he had purposed, and made known to us the secret plan he had already decided to complete by means of Christ. This plan, which God will complete when the time is right, is to bring all creation together, everything in heaven and on earth, with Christ as head” (Eph. 1:9-10, Today's English Version).

God has made known to us the mystery of His plan of salvation and merciful intention which He decided long ago, and that is to gather all together in Christ. So, one can clearly deduce that salvation is possible for all. Not that we are saying that everyone is saved, but that everyone could be saved if it were up to God-—because He wishes all men to be saved by recognizing and observing precisely and correctly His divine Truth. (I Tim. 2:4, lbid.).

The message of salvation, then, is the same for all men. It does not change from season to season, from nation to nation, or from person to person. Indeed, if anyone sincerely desires to be saved, he must obey the same divine Truth taught by Christ and preached by His apostles. There is no other way around.
Note: The above is an excerpt from God's Message editorial "Neither Jew nor Greek" dated August 2011
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